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About us.

We are a local company doing big things.

Fortran Steel is one of Eastern Ontario’s top structural steel fabricators. The company participates in constructing structual steel building in the National Capital area, as well as around North America.

Founded in 1983, Fortran Steel now celebrates over 30 years in structural steel industry. With their large 25,000 sq/ft facility, filled with the right tools and machinery, FORTRAN steel is able to produce, deliver and install a quality product as per schedule.

With an experienced team of draftsman, project managers and a skilled workforce, Fortran Steel is able to maintain and consistently produce a superior product. This is what keeps Fortran Steel regarded as an outstanding steel fabricator and a major part of the construction business in Eastern Ontario.

Our Clients


Fortran Steel Contracting Ltd works with many of the top general contractors in the National Capital Region.

•Aecon •AEL Contstruction •Asco, Ashcroft •B.B.S Construction •Bassi Construction •Bona •Bradford Construction •Cannonbye •Capital City Contracting •Claridge •Darlen •Dauost Construction •Doran •E.C.C.I •Ellis Don •Excel •Farm Boy •Frecon •G.R. Brune •Gardiner, Giffels •Gloucester Construction •Horne •Jumec •KRP •La Flamme •Laurin and Company •Ledcor •Margard •Martin & Martin •Massicotte Brothers •Maylan •Mc Donald Bros. •Michanie •Minto Works •Morley Construction •MP Lundy •Olympia Homes •PBC Group • PCL •Pranger Debryn •Premiere Construction •R.E. Hien • RND Development •Rochon Building • Ron Engineering •Ruiter • Sullivan • Sulpher •Taggart •Taggart Realty • Taplen •TDS • Tofcon • Tomlinson •Tony D' Angelo Construction •Traugot • Trotter • U.S.I • V.C.L •V.I.P Construction • VTomic • Warlyn • Waverly •Westeinde